Horse Boarding

Welcome to Historic Hitchin’ Post Stables! Here in Flagstaff, we have boarding facilities available! Whether a few nights are needed, or you need boarding for a month, we have options for you and your four legged companion! We take pride in the care of all horses on our property. If needed, we also have an equine vet on call.  Please give us a call, or fill out our contact us forum for availability. We would love you have you here!



Big Barn:  12 X 12 Stall with 12 X 24 run:  $670.00 per month 

4 bags Bedding Included  

Feed – 2 times a day, Bermuda or Alfalfa

Shed Row Barn:  12 X 12 Stall with 12 X 24 Run: $640.00 per month

Shed Row Barn: 12 X 12 Stall with 12 X 60 Run: $670.00 per month

Bedding (Owner provided

Large outdoor paddock (Multiple horses) no shelter $550.00 per month 

Stalls Run in Shelter:  12 X 12 Large Run: $625.00 per month 

Boarding Options: 

Extra Bedding: Charged Per Bag

Turn out Services 5 days a week: Monday thru Friday  (Weather permitting) $40.00 per month 

Noon feeding: 1 flake – Alfalfa $45.00 per month or 1 flake Bermuda $55.00 per month

Hay Price subject to change 

Supplement feeding: (Owner provided and packaged – if applicable) – Once Daily $35.00 per month 

Blanketing: (off in the A.M. – On in the P.M.) $35.00 per month 

Medication administration, after hours emergency charge:  (May vary) $40.00  

Training: Half an hour $30.00 

One hour $60.00 

Lessons: $65.00  per hour 

2 Onsite Barn Staff 

Covered and enclosed 60′ Round pen 


Tack area 

Easy trail access – Cross no roads to Forest access -Miles of riding 

Owners are welcome to provide their own bedding 

No ATV or vehicle traffic on trails 

Trailer Parking is limited – Call for availability and pricing 

Overnight camping  – Call for availability dry camping only, we can provide water and porta potty usage. (Seasonal) 

Overnight Boarding – $35.00 – 50.00 per night (Limited Availability)

When boarding at Hitchin’ Post Stables

You and your horse are more than welcomed to take use of our 65ft covered round pen. We have an addition turn out pen where you can allow your horse to run and  play.

We have daily trail rides, feel free to saddle up and take the trails with us among our beautiful quiet trails. Or take the trails yourself and get some relaxing time spent with you and your horse out in the trees and meadows.